Last month we were looking at great Australian road trips. There’s so much to pack into each one, we could only manage three – we could easily recommend three more. So here they are! Airlie Beach to Magnetic Island One that might surprise you is the road trip from Airlie Beach to Magnetic Island. Road trips and islands might not make an obvious pairing, but Queensland’s offshore outcrops are so densely packed that you sample a lot of them in one trip linked with scenic…Continue Reading “Great Australian Road Trips Pt 2”

Top Five Places To Visit in Australia Australia is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has enjoyed our stunning scenery, unique wildlife, idyllic beaches and laidback lifestyle. Tourists from all over the globe flock to Australia to witness such iconic sights as the Sydney Opera House, but what do Australians want to visit in their own country? A recent poll was carried out to find the top five destinations on Australian itineraries– these are the…Continue Reading “Top Five Places To Visit in Australia”

Going on a road trip is the best way to see Australia. You’ll be amazed by the variety and diversity of the landscapes you’ll encounter as you cruise the blacktop, from isolated desert to lush rainforest, the stunning scenery home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife. It you’re feeling adventurous, you could even go road tripping in the outback, which isn’t as daunting as it might sound, given that you’ll find regular gas stations, restaurants and motels with a friendly welcome on the…Continue Reading “Great Australian Road Trips”

When you’re hitting the road, no matter how spectacular the scenery you’re confronted with, it’s always going to look better with a good soundtrack. Here’s our guide to the best Australian songs for driving, songs about the road, the land and all points between.  I’ve Been Everywhere – Lucky Starr Country isn’t a genre traditionally associated with Australia, but I’ve Been Everywhere is a uniquely Aussie take on the style, from its opening line, “Well, I was humoin’ my bluey on the dusty Oodnadatta Road.”…Continue Reading “Great Australian Driving Songs”

Australia is a country of wild terrain, spectacular landscapes and wide-open roads, which make it inherently cinematic. As one literary classic had it, the country is defined by the tyranny of distance, where the outback can seem as far from us as Paris. Indeed, we’re as likely to know it from cinema as from real life, since so many films are inspired by the mystery of the location. Road Games One of Quentin Tarantino’s fave Oz films, and no surprise there. This hypertense, claustrophobic thriller…Continue Reading “Australian Road Movies”

Australia is one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations, tempting millions of travellers from across the globe every year. 8.5 million per year to be exact, which is the same as the number of Aussies who holiday abroad each year. Australia is also a vast and diverse country, one that hosts a dizzying diversity of landscapes and wildlife, one that many of its own inhabitants just don’t know well enough. With the state of the world right now, fluctuating exchange rates and great deals…Continue Reading “Explore Australia”