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Australia is one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations, tempting millions of travellers from across the globe every year. 8.5 million per year to be exact, which is the same as the number of Aussies who holiday abroad each year. Australia is also a vast and diverse country, one that hosts a dizzying diversity of landscapes and wildlife, one that many of its own inhabitants just don’t know well enough. With the state of the world right now, fluctuating exchange rates and great deals available on internal flights, a growing number of Australians are revisiting the splendour of their own country, and exploring the beauty within their own borders.

Here are three hidden gems to visit in Australia that you might never have thought of, or even have heard of.

Cable Beach – Cable Beach can be found in Broome in Western Australia, and is well loved by the locals. There are no other words for it – the beach is simply stunning, as much for its gleaming white sands as the sublime sunsets over the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Cable Beach also offers you the unique experience of camel rides along the beach, which is romantic, although camels are well known for being a bit temperamental. More predictable, conventional transport is available in the shape of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, if you prefer to cruise the sands that way.

Fraser Bay – Fraser Bay is located in Queensland, contains more than 100 freshwater lakes and the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island. Its spectacular sand covered cliffs shelter a diverse range of terrains; where else could you explore a rainforest then go swimming in a rainwater lake? as they’ve had fewer chances to crossbreed with other dogs than their mainland relatives.


The Great Ocean Road – The Great Ocean Road spans the entire state of Victoria, and is considered one of the most spectacular drives in Australia. 243 kms (151 miles) in total, the drive starts in Torquay, about 100 km (60 miles) from Melbourne, and winds up in Allansford. As you marvel at Victoria’s glorious southwest coastline, the Great Ocean Road lays before you some of Australia’s most glorious scenery. Look out for The Twelve Apostles, imposing limestone stack formations that erupt out from the ocean before Port Campbell National Park. You might want to stop off on the Great Ocean Road for an opportunity to spot some of Australia’ unique wildlife – kangaroos, fur seals and emus all live along the trail.

Australia is simply a spectacular country, with so many breathtaking location. Some of the best hidden gems are a bit out of the way, such as Purnululu National Park, but are well worth the effort of visiting, as they are truly unique.

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